How To Successfully Handle A Yeast Infection

damp clothing

You may avoid many activities due to the discomfort a yeast infection brings. Just a car ride can make things start to burn and itch causing you to need quick relief! Continue reading to get great ideas for the prevention and treatment of troublesome infections.

TIP! If you want to avoid any problems with yeast infections, you need to make sure that you always dry yourself as thoroughly as possible after you shower. One main culprit of any yeast infection is water.

If you are swimming or at the sauna a lot, remove the damp clothing you wear as soon as you can. Damp clothing allows yeast to grow. After taking off wet clothes, dry off completely before dressing in dry clothing.

If you are prone to regularly getting yeast inspections, you might want to consider the bath products you use. Don’t use soaps that are scented. These things have the tendency to mess with pH balances which can make certain areas breeding grounds for yeast. Try using only hypoallergenic products instead of these highly perfumed ones.

TIP! Sweating profusely creates a warm, humid environment. Yeast will thrive in this environment.

Wear panties made of cotton. You may enjoy the look of synthetic fibers, but they may cause you discomfort down the road. Cotton underwear allows your skin to breathe and absorbs moisture. This will help to keep moisture at bay and prevent an infection.

When your yeast infection is causing real pain, over-the-counter painkillers are a great treatment. These yeast infections cause you to feel uncomfortable all day, so to reduce symptoms and stay productive, it’s a good idea to treat them with some pain medication.


Consume more sugar-free yogurt and garlic. Garlic can be effective at preventing or retarding yeast infections. Non-odorous garlic pills can be purchased at most drug stores. Adding a couple cups of live culture yogurt that’s sugar-free to your diet daily can really reduce or prevent a yeast infection.

Tea Tree Oil

TIP! You don’t want anything that will irritate your skin or that has added perfume. Some women use douches and body soaps to clean their vagina.

Tea tree oil happens to be a great natural remedy that can effectively treat yeast infections. Mix the tea tree oil with some sweet almond oil. Then, put it right on the vagina. Do not use tea tree oil in an undiluted form, as it may cause burning. Tea tree oil is a great remedy for yeast infections and can keep you healthy.

Overcoming a yeast infection should be your number one priority so you can get back to your life. Use the advice from this article whenever you have a yeast infection. While it would be great to avoid ever getting a yeast infection again, that is perhaps not a realistic expectation. Therefore, it is important to keep fast treatment tips within easy reach.

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